About the game

Rules – Picnic Day


To get to the park with enough money to buy the food in the list made at the beginning of the game and end up with the most money.


• 1 game board
• 6 pawns
• 2 dice
• 1 product table
• 62 cards with food for the picnic
• 14 earnings and expenses cards (7 types, 2 of each), with yellow back
• 14 decision-making cards (7 types, 2 of each), with red back
• 100 coins (50 of A$1 and 50 of A$2)


• Each player starts the game with A$10.
• The players prepare a shopping list including four types of food they would like to bring to a picnic in the park. The value of each item is stated in the product table and in the cards.
• The players can choose types of food whose total value exceeds A$10, as throughout the game they can get the remaining amount of money needed or get discounts for purchases.
• The decision-making cards (red) and the earnings and expenses cards (yellow) must be shuffled separately and placed in two decks, face-down at the marked spot on the board.


1) Each player chooses a pawn and places it at the start. The player who gets the highest number when rolling the dice starts the game. In case of a tie, they should roll the dice again. Turns go clockwise.

2) The player rolls the dice in his/her turn to determine the number of spaces the pawn must move on the board. A space can be occupied by any number of pawns.

3) When the pawn lands on a red space, the player draws a decision-making card and, when landing on a yellow space, the player draws a an earnings and expenses card and follows the instructions. The withdrawn card goes back to the bottom of the deck. If the pawn lands on a yellow or red space after moving according to the card’s instructions, the player does not draw another card.


Upon arriving at the park, the player waits for everyone else to buy the food included in their list. The purchase must follow the order of arrival of the players.

Food obtained during the game that is on the player’s list does not need to be purchased. The food that is not included in the list does not provide the player with any benefit in the game.

If there are no more cards of the chosen food because another player has already bought them, the other player must choose another item of the same value.

The game ends when all players arrive at the picnic park. The player who buys the types of food previously selected and ends up with the most money wins the game.

In case of a tie, the winner is the one who arrived at the park first.

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