The Financial Education Alliance aims to solve a national and global problem, by promoting access to basic and advanced concepts related to Financial Education and educating families, teachers and public managers about the importance of adopting a systemic worldview, combining concepts such as entrepreneurship, citizenship, and sustainability.

Such conduct is essential to the development of the country, through a topic that has great potential for transformation and generation of benefits for society in the short, medium and long term, working in an intersectoral way – that is, uniting companies, the government, and society in its actions.

Funded by public-private partners that are committed to the same cause, the Financial Education project using the games Picnic and Good Deals relies on the expertise of INSTITUTO BRASIL SOLIDÁRIO, a Brazilian non-governmental organization responsible for managing the resources that compose the Financial Education Alliance.

Through its partners, the Institute promotes the qualified expansion and impact of the games throughout the regions of the Brazilian territory and Latin America.

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Financial Education Alliance Partners:

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