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Instituto Brasil Solidário (IBS) was responsible for the co-creation, production of the games, coordination and implementation design of the games Picnic Day and Good Deals in public schools in Brazil and Latin America.

After consolidating the results of the Pilot Project (see below), the expansion plan was designed with the purpose of maintaining the same quality in the development and monitoring of activities, reaching a larger number of municipalities and seeking to consolidate the games as a pedagogical practice in schools.

The report on the right provides an overview of the expansion plan carried out in 2019, showing the outreach of the games in all municipalities visited and setting goals for 2020. Click on the image to download.

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Report (English)

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The pilot project, which was carried out in the State of Ceará, Brazil, initially involved the municipalities of Beberibe, Cascavel and Pindoretama, located in the metropolitan region of Fortaleza, with periodic monitoring, external evaluation of results and learning involving schools, educators, students, families and local managers.

From the systematization of the findings of the first stage (carried out in 2017), the project was expanded and tested in 91 schools, trying different insertion and follow-up strategies: to offer the games alone and offer the games along with training and follow-up for educators.

The Financial Education proposal using the games underwent an external evaluation, carried out in the cities of the pilot project.

Check out some of the main notes:

Skills enhancement

Ability to calculate risks and opportunities.

Autonomy and self-control

Earnings and expenses.

Concepts implemented

To save and invest.

Better knowledge of Financial Education

77% of schools that received the games had improved indicators of Financial Education knowledge


Interdisciplinary and cross-cutting alignment with different school subjects

Qualitative Research Report 2020 (English)

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