Financial Education using board games Let's learn with games!

Let's learn with games!

Learn financial education and have fun

The Picnic and Good Deals games have revolutionized the teaching and learning of Financial Education.

Why it is important to gain knowledge on Financial Education from an early age.

Learn more about the Picnic and Good Deals games

How the implementation works in schools in Brazil and Latin America.


Financial Education through games

Let's learn with games


Picnic Day rules and how to play


Main questions regarding the game Picnic Day


Good Deals rules and how to play


Main questions regarding the game Good Deals

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Financial Educ.

Through research, evidence shows that worldwide 2 in 3 adults are considered financially illiterate.

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Discover the implementation of the Picnic Day and Good Deals games in public schools in Brazil and Latin America.

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Through its partners, the Institute promotes the qualified expansion of the games throughout Brazil and Latin America.

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Latin America

The project has already crossed Brazilian borders and Spanish versions of the games were created to serve other countries in Latin America.

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listen to the teachers

"My students always ask me to bring the game Picnic Day to classes! They were very excited and I found the game's proposal very educational and interesting. I am taking advantage of several aspects, even working with reading through the game cards with my students from the 1st year."
Kassiane Ferreira
“Right from the start, my students loved it! They found it very different! The game requires a lot of logic. They began to pay attention to other issues such as household expenses. I am using this reasoning to work on some math questions."
Karolayne Silva
"The game exercises for life, in the question of decision-making, in addition to the various subjects that can be seen in the classroom, involving mathematics, science, the environment, the question of financial education, the economics of expenses that we have inside From home."
Rosa Almeida
The six mini documentaries Beyond School Walls were recorded in the state of Ceará, Brazil, based on real stories, bringing cases and examples of behavioral changes observed in young people, adolescents and adults, from the influence obtained in six months since the first contact with games Picnic and Good Deals. Each one shows, under different aspects, how was the impact on the life of those who are influenced by the concepts brought both by financial education and learning with games.

“The Picnic Day game is really cool! We learned to save and look for the things we can buy that are cheaper and even healthier."

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